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Get your Tricolore flag out of storage, pull that pristine Azzurri kit out of your closet, and plant yourself firmly in front of the TV for the next two hours because the moment has finally arrived; one five years in the making. After missing out on World Cup 2018 and having to wait an additional year for Euro 2020, Italy's return to major international competition is finally here!

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Roberto Mancini masterfully pulled Italy back from the brink, sweeping through the qualification rounds undefeated, and seems poised to bring Italy back to glory. And it all!

The lineups are in, so let's get this show on the road.



Gli 11 #Azzurri scelti dal Ct Mancini per

#Turchia #Italia

⏱️ Oggi, h 21.00

️ Stadio Olimpico, #Roma

⚽️ Gruppo A

In diretta su #Rai1 e #SkySport #VivoAzzurro#ITA #Nazionale#TURITA #TurchiaItalia

— Nazionale Italiana ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@Vivo_Azzurro) June 11, 2021

#BizimÇocuklar’ın İtalya karşısındaki 11’i belli oldu. #EURO2020 #TUR #TURITA #HereWeCame

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