Sahra Wagenknecht

Dhe left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht sees the allegations raised by her confirmed by the application for a party expulsion procedure against her. “In my book I criticize the cancel culture and the self-righteousness and intolerance that unfortunately characterize a part of the left spectrum today,” said Wagenknecht WELT.

“Some seem to attach great importance to confirming my theses through their approach. However, it is the individual, I am currently receiving support and solidarity from far more left-wing members and voters. In this respect, I am calmly looking forward to the outcome of the proceedings. “

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WON combo Luisa Hofmeier Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke)

Several members of the Left Party had applied for exclusion proceedings against Wagenknecht at the North Rhine-Westphalian State Arbitration Commission, as a party spokeswoman confirmed in Düsseldorf on Thursday. The “Spiegel” had previously reported. The reason for the request is therefore that Wagenknecht caused the party “serious damage”.

The multi-page proposal deals primarily with Wagenknecht’s new book “The Self-Righteous”, the party said. “In its criticism it deviates from elementary principles of the left,” is one of the accusations of its opponents. In addition, Wagenknecht leaves open, for example, whether she wants to stay in the party at all after the federal election.

The parliamentary group and party leaders stand behind Wagenknecht

“Sahra Wagenknecht represents, as demonstrated here, its own program that contradicts the program of the left in many points,” criticize the initiators of the exclusion proposal. Wagenknecht has been criticized internally for weeks because of the book. Opponents see it as the settlement of the former Bundestag faction leader with their own party.

At the federal level, parliamentary groups and party leaders stood behind them on Friday. Federal Managing Director Jörg Schindler declared “for the party”, as it was said in a message, that the exclusion proposal was not considered correct and not justified. During election campaigns, dealing with political opponents has priority. “We call on all members of the left to put aside differences within the party and to get actively involved in the federal election campaign.”

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The majority culture in view: Sahra Wagenknecht

From a strategic point of view, it is obvious that the left-wing leaders in the Bund stand behind Wagenknecht. Not only does a process of elimination represent a particular hardship and would draw even more attention to internal party disputes. In addition, Wagenknecht is one of the most famous faces of the party and is considered a magnet for voters. Nevertheless, the relationship between Karl-Liebknecht-Haus and her is considered to be burdened – a legacy that the new chairmen also carry.

The heads of the Bundestag parliamentary group, Amira Mohamed Ali and Dietmar Bartsch, firmly rejected the “attack on our parliamentary group member Sahra Wagenknecht”. This does not divide and promote the necessary confrontation with political competition. “Such attacks have no place in a plural and solidary party.”

In the next few weeks they will fight for a strong left together with Wagenknecht and many others. Wagenknecht is also the top candidate of the state association for the federal election in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Sahra Wagenknecht complains of

The state board of the Left in North Rhine-Westphalia, whose top candidate in the federal election is Wagenknecht, disapproved of the exclusion proposal. It not only weakens the entire party and endangers the re-entry into the German Bundestag, “but is also a completely inadmissible way of dealing with our democratically elected top candidate,” said a resolution on Friday.

Long-time parliamentary group leader Gregor Gysi also criticized attempts to exclude his party colleague as “completely wrong”. “Criticism can always be exercised and must always be endured,” said Gysi. An exclusion is out of the question in her case. “I hope that the arbitral tribunal will decide as quickly as possible,” said the foreign policy spokesman for the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

The applicants also point out that the left in North Rhine-Westphalia has lost 30 percent of the votes in the polls since Wagenknecht’s free choice to become the top candidate in the state. More than 100 members have resigned from the regional association. “The serious damage to the party has already occurred. It will be significantly greater if the campaign-like media storm against the political positions of the left by their most present representative in the media continues, ”the text says.

“Academic debates that ignore the reality of their lives”

In the state elections in Saxony-Anhalt, the left experienced a sharp loss of votes with only 11 percent. Former parliamentary group leader Sahra Wagenknecht sees the problem primarily in the party’s bad national trend.

In the past few weeks, a dispute between Wagenknecht’s partner, the former Left Federal Chairman Oskar Lafontaine, and his Saarland regional association had caused a stir. Lafontaine had advised, among other things, not to support the left in the federal election with the decisive second vote, because this would benefit his internal party opponent, Saar top candidate Thomas Lutze. The state executive has meanwhile called on Lafontaine to leave the party on its own initiative.

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“Cancel Culture”: Wagenknecht sees itself confirmed by the exclusion proposal

“Cancel Culture”: Wagenknecht sees itself confirmed by the exclusion proposal

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